Far Cry 3, butterflies and symmetry.

This is more of an observance than a review, I’ve been playing this game for a while now thought it was about time I wrote something about it. The main reason I’m not writing a whole review is due to the fact that I haven’t yet completely finished the game.


As we can see from the game’s first opening many images are being duplicated, the images being identical to one another, before we press start we can see the image changing back and forth from Jason to Vaas. I suppose in a way we are being told from the start that in some ways, these two characters are the same as one another, even if their goals seem completely different. The way in which the characters are shown also gives a somewhat similar appearance to a butterfly which also makes sense as their wings are identical.

Another instance where butterflies seem to crop up is when you save your game, up in the right corner of the screen there is a logo of a butterfly with two guns for wings, yet again putting emphasis on the symmetry in the game. Symmetry is also visible while you are using the stores and other menus within the game, these are set out similar to the main menu screen.
Thats about it for now really.


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  1. I was asked while playing the other night why on earth they chose a butterfly for an icon. A butterfly can represent beauty and innocence. When made with the guns it can be alluding to the fact that while something seems beautiful and innocent, it can contain something ugly and nasty, much like the islands itself.

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