Far Cry 3, Review and Analysis.

[MAJOR SPOLIERS] So I finally finished Far Cry 3, about time I suppose! Well what can i say, I loved it,  one point which I was obsessed with was how amazing the sun looked as it isn’t every game that the sun looks so realistic.

So we start off with the main character (Jason Brody) who is afraid of what’s happening, I guess anyone would be when you come face to face with someone like Vaas. The Alice in Wonderland quotes which popped up regularly within the game were interesting, they gave us (me,atleast) where this game was going. The first quote being “In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.” This is giving the idea that Jason is being compared with Alice, going down the rabbit hole, falling into the madness.


These quotes are important throughout the game giving us an insight to what is happening. As we follow the game along, I began to get the feeling the Jason, was enjoying all the chaos around him, he was becoming unravelled. I noticed this even more on the mission “kick the hornets’ nest”, this is one of the few missions where music was playing significantly loud. I got the feeling that the player was supposed to be enjoying what they were doing, causing chaos, just like Jason is doing as he is cheering himself on and celebrating.

Although I do question, was any of this really happening? Or was it just a dream like Alice in Wonderland. This is never really explained and seems to be pretty much open to interpretation.


Some of the game shows this more than others, like when you kill the ‘villains’ such as Buck and Vaas. This seems to be done like some kind of a show on a stage, this couldn’t have happened or in my opinion anyway, this defiantly gives the impression that all of this is taking place inside of his own head.

Take me into your heart. Accept me as your saviour. Nail me to the fucking cross and let me be REBORN!” This is said by Vaas just before Jason kills him, this is an idea that Jason is now like Vaas, this is what he is becoming.

One of the last Alice quotes we see which is near the end of the game is “Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.” “find” in this sentence changes back and forth from find, kill fuck until it eventually stops on “find” these may signify the choices that Jason must make at the end of the game whether to find and save his friends, or kill them and stay with Citra.

I personally enjoyed the game and its gameplay and its story however abstract it may have been. I found it interesting and engaging as there is much lying beneath the surface which I more than likely haven’t even seen all of, or even fully understood. The only issue I have personally is I would have preferred to see more of Vaas, This character had so much promotion before release and I feel that he had more potential than they used him for.

An aspect of the game which was interesting was when you activate the radio towers on the island, Once you have climbed up these tall structures of rust and hit the switch you are given a swooping view of the part of the map which is now visible on the map, this shows some beautiful areas and the time of the day you do this can make a difference to the areas appearances. I thought that the sun shining though the ladders as you climb your way towards the top was also wonderful.

Another unique aspect of Far Cry 3 was how the player had to hunt and skin animals to “craft” larger storage holders such as rucksacks, wallets and ammunition pouches. This added some extra game time and it was quite interesting to do this rather than just buying the upgrades. Other items which you craft within the game are the syringes, these are created by finding the needed coloured plants (green, amber, red, white) these create different syringes to use, these are for medicines to re-fill your health, hunting to make it easier, and combat allowing you to fight in battles with a better advantage.

I spent a lot of time on this game, liberating outpost, this was actually enjoyable although enjoyable as I was determined to have the whole map cleared, once this was done it also made the areas easier to travel within otherwise you will constantly be ambushed by enemy at every corner which can get quite irritating while you are trying to complete other objectives.

Far Cry 3 was highly enjoyable to play, I never felt bored of what I was doing or the story, it managed to keep my attention the whole way through and that is why my overall score of the game is 9/10.

Gameplay 9/10

Story 9/10

Design 10/10


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