Game of Thrones Season 3

So the third season of game of thrones is over and I’m feeling ever so slightly lost without it, nothing is quite comparing so here’s a couple of moments which I enjoyed from the season, (not ALL, I haven’t had enough time on my hands lately which has been unfortunate, I may update and add some more.) Oh and as usual spoilers.

The Red Wedding


Let’s begin with getting one of the more obvious scenes out of the way, for me, the reaction Catelyn gives when she begins to hear the music play is rather chilling, we already know something bad is coming around the corner once this begins and that they have none else to protect them. And her determination to attempt (in vain) to save her son is truly heartwrenching.



I found the moment when Arya slid from the horse on the road to go back a kill the man who was boasting over the events from “the red wedding” it was as if she felt like she was getting some kind of revenge and progressing as a character. And I when Sandor Clegane came to finish the other men you know he is doing what he can to protect her and I just think that their relationship is well put together and their scenes even before now still hold some amusing aspects.

Tywin and Joffrey


The moment when Joffrey calls for his uncle, Tywin to come to his throne room has to be given a mention, this scene alone tells you that Tywin is the more powerful man and is unafraid to speak up (and down) to Joffery. We can even see his dominance when he is slowly pacing up the stairs to talk directly to the king, with a high camera angle being used, we get a sense that Tywin is much stronger,bolder and more important than Joffery who looks increasingly more uncomftable through this whole scene.

Brienne and Jamie


I couldn’t decide on a single scene from this couple that I enjoyed the most – I found them all to be one of the most entertaining pair within the programme. I was surprised how Jamie could turn from a character who I had no real love for to one of my favourites in this season.

The main point in which my opinion of Jamie Lannister changed was the scene in which he opens up and describes how he gained the name “Kingslayer” as he finally seemed to open up about himself as if he was letting some sort of ‘mask’ slip away and reveal himself for himself for who he really is.



The scene when she sees the windmill thinking that it must be a castle is entertaining, and shows exactly how much the wildlings know about what is south beyond the wall. This scene with Ygritte and Jon Snow really shows some natural chemistry between the two characters which would have been nice to see some more of, but Jon Snow still apparently “knows nothing”.


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