The Art of Alice Madness Returns (2011) Review


This book is based on the videogame:  Alice Madness Returns which makes a beautiful companion to the already visually impressive game. This is by far one of my personal favourite art books.

The book is hardback with good quality thick glossy paper, the images are superb some of which take up two pages on their own.

The concept art includes a lot of ideas which didn’t make it to the game but are still amazing to look through. Included are weapon ideas, the creation of Alice including her dress and her general appearance and many props out of the game.

IMG_3332The book includes a variety of concept ideas, there are chapters for each level in the game, such as London, with its gothic styles, The Mysterious East which clearly took inspiration from Chinese art and culture to The Dollhouse where we can see some very strange but brilliant ideas taking place. There are small detailed captions which inform you of who

the artists are and about the development process which made some of these strange but wonderful ideas came into realisation. The concept of the artwork link in with the story of the game in a massive way contributing to the story of the game so this book is amazing for anyone who like me loved the game or simply apprieciates the artwork.

Artists include: Ken Wong, Sun Guoliang, Luis Melo, Hong Lei, Wu Yuehan, Ben Kerslake, Nako, Tyler Lockett, Fellipe Martins, Pu Jinsong, Wang Shenghua, Yuan Shaofeng, Jin Lei.



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