Hannibal S02E01 ‘Kaiseki’ Review/Recap

Hannibal is now airing in the UK Tuesdays 10pm on Sky Living.

Hannibal season two has finally graced the scene in the UK and is kicking off to a flying start. The opening begins with some brutal hand to hand combat between Jack and Hannibal, the latter using some rather unconventional weapons including a pepper mill and a fridge door to gain the upper hand, the scene ends with Jacks life hanging in the balance, my guess is he’ll survive, I couldn’t imagine Bryan Fuller killing off such an important character (in relation to the books) but who knows!


This fight was spectacular; it really gives us an idea of how powerful Hannibal actually is.

Although Will is currently being held in the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane he actually is in a better place he has more clarity, the fact that his brain is not “on fire” anymore is certainly helpful. Several times we see Will fishing in tranquillity, looking inside himself to figure out what actually happened to him and being in a mental institution is certainly giving him time to do so.

Alana Bloom feels that it is Jack Crawford’s fault that will’s life is ruined due to him pushing too hard, Bloom has filed a report with these accusations. Due to this report there will now be in internal investigation focusing on Jack. Bloom is one of the few who currently sticks by Will, yet she is still unwilling to believe that someone else could have committed these murders but wishes to help him establish a case for himself that it wasn’t truly his fault due to his mental state.

Hannibal goes to see Will (at Will’s request) who tells him “my inner voice sounds like you, I can’t get you out of my head” Hannibal tries to relate this to their “friendship” but Will quickly dismisses this as “the light from friendship won’t reach us for a million years” so they are certainly not friends in Wills opinion, and it’s understandable. Will promises that there “will be a reckoning” once he remembers what has been done to him.

Will Graham has now been “replaced” by Hannibal, he is now profiling on the new case which I found a little bit odd, I don’t see him as a Will Graham really but for now it I’ll go along with it. He talks about these circumstances with Bedelia Du Maurier stating “I got to be Will Graham today”, sounding a little bit too happy with the idea of stepping into his shoes.


Beverly Katz goes to see Will, this is not a social visit, she believes that he can help with a tricky case they are currently working on. He identifies the motive of the killer by quickly looking at the pictures of the victims, sorting them and labelling it a “colour Platte”. I like that Katz was chosen to go see Will, she clearly still appreciates and trusts his input to go to him even if she’s unsure how she feels seeing him.

Another important aspect of this episode is the flashback in which Will realised how Hannibal gruesomely force-fed him Abigail Hobbs ear. It was interesting to have some clarity on how the ear ended up where it did in season one, as it was one of the main pieces of evidence which originally landed Will where he currently is. At least he now remembers something, the only problem now is getting someone to believe him, no one seems eager to do that just yet.

The episode ends showing us the killer’s newest victim who has managed to survive an intended drug overdose and has woken up after being sewn into the “colour palette” as Will named it.

The weeks the follow should give us a better idea of Hannibal and what his “end game” could possibly be, although he’s a hard nut to crack and his motives are not always what they seem, but you can clearly see that he’s missing Will and his company and the ability to manipulate him. Although considering the circumstances I can’t imagine Will feeling the same. And there’s now a ticking clock, at the end of the season we shall understand fully the confrontation between Jack and Hannibal and how that situation managed to unfold.



  •  The scene where Alana takes the dogs for a jog was nice to see.
  • When will they realise that Hannibal is just making jokes at their incapability to see what’s right in front of them? I.e. – “I never feel guilty eating anything” or “in that case you are dining with a psychopathic murderer”. Trololol.
  • Hannibal keeping his appointment slot open for will as if he’s going to walk through the door. Someone’s looking a bit lonely.
  • Winston going “home”, looking for Will.



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