It Follows Review

it follows

Mild spoilers included.

It Follows has a brilliant yet terrifying concept, the film makes it easy to share in Jays terror as she is tormented by something pursuing her which goes unseen by all those around her. The real fear in It Follows is generated from the thought that if you were in jays shoes, no matter what, you could never live your life without constantly having to look over your own shoulder, you could never feel safe again.

The opening of It Follows is certain to grab old school horror lovers straight away with throwback style camera work and a spine-chilling score which when used together scream john carpenter while adding it’s own unique flair to the mix. The film as a whole is like a homage to the great horror films of the 80s, which is no bad thing.

Jay Height (Maika Monroe) Is a teenage girl living in the suburbs of Detroit with her sister Kelly and a mother who we never really see, even when we do see her we never get a clear view of her face. Not only this but we also get the impression that she is an alcoholic; this combined with the death of the girls father means that Jay and her sister don’t really have parents who they can rely, in fact, none of the teenagers seem to have any guidance from any adults in their lives.

Jay is dating a guy named Hugh (Jake Weary) all seems to be going well between the two until a moment he sees something strange while on a date. This does not phase Jay, deciding that the relationship is right agrees to take their relationship to the next level but in doing so ends up being passed a sexually transmitted haunting of sorts. “It” takes the form of people, some who jay recognizes but most she doesn’t. The spirit doesn’t speak, all it does is walk, slow enough that Jay can escape and gain respite but she knows it will catch up eventually, no matter how far she tries to run all the running does is buy a little extra time until she needs to run again.

It Follows hinges on one of our primal fears, that something is haunting us, following us and never allowing us to feel safe again. Compared to most recent films within the horror genre this is a fresh new take on some old ideas.











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