My week away in Budapest.

Budapest is the first place I have ever been abroad, seriously. A lot of people can’t believe that at 23 years old I have NEVER been outside of the UK. Due to this I’ve never been keen on the idea of flying but I coped surprisingly well with the journey, I was even slightly frustrated that I couldn’t finish watching The Hunger Games; Catching Fire before we started our decent.

Me and my partner arrived at our hotel around 7PM after a 2hr and 40min flight and aprox 30mins taxi ride. The hotel – Continental Zara; was beautiful, very grand and a little more posh than we tend to be used to! We spent very little time here though and we only had breakfast here on our first day as we were too full most mornings to stomach such a big meal, it was also on the slightly more pricey side – for Budapest anyway.

Instead we had breakfast out every other morning, usually stopping off at local cafes, my personal favourite being DXN Coffee. It was tasty and cheap! A great advantage for me is that they offer alternatives to milk with no extra charge as I’m currently trying to cut out diary (which was working great until this week!). They also offer a banana coffee frapp like drink which is divine! If you’re in the area I’d advise you check it out. (DXN Coffee – Trip Advisor)


DXN Coffee


To get around we actually decided to walk everywhere, the weather was nice and it meant we could get a real feel for the city. Orginally we had planned to buy a bus ticket each but at the end of the day we just didn’t see a point. The only time it may have been beneficial was when we visited the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Gardens (this ended up being about a 45minute walk on one of the hottest days) Also, you do have to be wary while walking across roads!

Things to do

Budapest is filled with exciting things to do and gorgeous places to visit, one of my favorite places was Buda castle and there is so much to do while in the area; nice cafes, more sightseeing and some wonderful veiws. We stopped off for some lemonade in a lovely little cafe, very chilled and relaxing after a busy time sightseeing, the owner (well I believe her to be the owner) is so sweet! Worth a visit just to meet her, very welcoming. (Walzer Cafe – Trip Advisor)

There are many other places we visited; Budapest Zoo where we managed to spend a whole day, the market – unfortunatly did not get here till around mid day so was very busy! But we managed to pick up some nice little souverners to take home. Also make time to walk up to the Citadel, it’s quite a walk but the view is 100% worth the trek to get to the top.


Unfortunatly we didn’t make it to many of the bath houses or even step foot in the ruin bars, but I confess I am not a big drinker and don’t feel too downhearted about missing out on those. The city is a beautiful one and if you’re debating taking a trip I would highly recommend it!


My favourite games of 2015

Fallout 4

This title was an absolute MUST for my 2015 line up, the last few years have seen me eagerly watching E3 in hopes that they would finally announce a new Fallout entry that we had all been waiting for, E3 2015 they finally dropped that bomb and it was a glorious moment. I had the pip-boy edition ordered as soon as it was available and it’s still one of my favourite purchases of the year.


Hunting down beasts in a gothic Victorian setting, what isn’t to love? Bloodborne has many nods to the Souls franchise but unlike them you won’t be spending 99% of the game hidden behind a shield. Instead you will wield two weapons, a gun will be the shields replacement and if you’ve got good timing you can quickly parry your enemies. A plus about Bloodborne is that it feels a little less like a troll fest compared to previous Souls games, I actually have fun with this one!

Until Dawn

I had been excited for Until Dawn since it made its appearance at Gamescom in 2012, back when it was supposed to be released on the PS3 as a Playstation move title. I’d previously enjoyed similar QTE story based games such as Fahrenheit (Indigo prophecy in North America) and Heavy Rain. But this appealed to me on a whole new level with its focus on the horror/slasher genre filled with clichés and classic horror tropes, plus Rami Malek is the actor/voice actor for Josh, need I say more?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I didn’t get as much play time with Witcher 3 as I would have liked but the combat system was interesting, complex and had depth instead of being a basic “hack and slash”. Areas were rich and to say the locations were large would probably be an understatement. There is an expansive story to delve into and more quests than you could hope to imagine, Witcher 3 is top of my to complete list for 2016.

Games I wish I had picked up in 2015:

  • Everybody’s Gone to Rapture
  • SOMA
  • Life is Strange
  • Dreamfall Chapters (available episodes)

Got any games you recommend me pick up in 2016? Comment below and let me know!

It’s been a while…

And I’m back.

Due to certain events I just haven’t had the time to write, at all. I’ve had priorities with starting a new job which came with the added realisation that being a full-time worker means you have very little time for anything else. I’ve also had university work which required my attention – although I never managed to give it much. And moving house didn’t do anything for my stress levels either.

I used to love writing, whether I was good or not is another matter, I did it for me and only me and I miss it so much. However, trying to write, study and work all at the same time was beginning to feel like an impossible task. BUT I am 100% that I want to start again especially since my university work is out of the way, I’m now feeling more enthusiastic than ever. So just in case anyone cares, I’m still here and plan to be a lot more active in the future, I also have a few reviews I plan on getting up over the next week, so until next time!